Welcome to the Youth Friendly Pharmacy Network!

A “Youth Friendly Pharmacy” is a pharmacy dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming environment where youths and adults alike can find reproductive and sexual health services without embarrassment or fear of rejection. The primary service that a Youth Friendly Pharmacy will provide is prescribing emergency
 contraception. We are improving access to these clinical services in a few ways:HH_Logo_Print_ no background color-01

1. We are creating a easy to identify and locate network. In network pharmacies identify themselves with our heart in hands logo. You can locate pharmacies already signed up for our network by visiting this page.

2. The pharmacies in this network have dedicated themselves to providing a welcoming atmosphere, and the pharmacists can provide clinical services including prescribing emergency contraception.

3. By providing walk-in access to prescriptive emergency contraception services,  patients can access the most effective emergency contraception, Ella, which is currently only available by prescription.

4. By providing prescriptive emergency contraceptive services, patients can potentially have these services covered by insurance and receive them at no cost.

The Youth Friendly Pharmacy network is an ongoing project hosted by the students of the University of Washington’s School of Pharmacy student organization, PhRESH. To learn more about PhRESH, you can visit this page.